Love Boat Exchange has set sail! 🛥️

Fruitful Labs is excited to announce that Love Boat Exchange has officially launched! You are now able to buy the $LOVE token, provide liquidity, and stake the $LOVE token all on a single user interface. We are kicking things off on the Polygon (formerly known as Matic) network, but plan to become a multi-chain DEX.

Our core mission at Fruitful Labs is to make decentralized finance accessible and fun for all. Whether you want to make a simple swap, become a liquidity provider, or farm some $LOVE, the team is here to help! Our aim is to make the user experience as easy as possible, so community members of all skill levels can use our protocol.

Our smart contracts have been built with the Diamond standard, making the Love Boat Exchange the first Diamond AMM on Polygon! This is one of the many ways we strive to be competitive and innovative.

We are a small team based in the U.S. that has taken no VC-money; we’ve been fully self-funded and have been working extra hard to produce something we’ll all LOVE. The initial liquidity will be provided by the Fruitful Labs team. A follow-up article regarding our $LOVE token genesis event will be shared shortly. Everything we have done has been out of passion and LOVE for the DeFi space. We can’t wait to share the fruits of our labor with you all!

The contract address for the $LOVE token on Polygon network is: 0x69bde563680f580a2da5b5d4e202eca4fdf35664

DISCLAIMER — Please make sure that you’re using the correct contract addresses from our official channels. The only way to ensure you’re receiving the right information is to follow our socials below. All vesting contracts have been verified on blockchain explorers so that our token emissions and usage are completely transparent.

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Website |Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Gitbook




The first multi-chain DEX in the Diamond standard built on Polygon and Ethereum at

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Love Boat Exchange

Love Boat Exchange

The first multi-chain DEX in the Diamond standard built on Polygon and Ethereum at

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